[mapping] Happy New Year

Lucas Bambozzi lbambozzi at comum.com
Fri Jan 7 18:53:06 EST 2005

Happy everything to you all too. I will be away for a few days more, 
in order to finish the writing of my MPhil thesis [University of 
Plymouth-UK]. I have less than 15 days to conclude everything.

At 3:57 AM +0800 08/01/05, trebor at thing.net wrote:
>Happy New Year to you all,
>SubmaP is fine with me also.
>I translated the Portguese posts
>with Google- it works quite well.
>As for the decision of who joins I wonder
>if it's necessary to limit it.
>We could have a large discussion group and
>I think the people who dedicate themselves
>to actually build it will be limited anyway.
>I would include all who are interested in
>developing this.
>Can we agree on a time plan-- to list who
>will do what and in which time frame...
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