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Trebor and everybody,

This message is in English for both Brazilians here and Trebor to understand, OK? 

The meeting on Monday was very stimulant! Lots of things were thought, envisioned and planned! 
So let´s start with more practical details. As for the map itself, it was decided the best region to explored, given the peolpe who will do the work and the best and appropriate conditions, is Santo Amaro, a district with lots of interesting charcteristics, related, among others, to migration, bad social conditions and such. Also, it´s good not to focus, by now, on downtown, but start with a small initiative, one that can be done more easily, also because Lucia is already working in the region. And also because, as it seems, there is lready a map from Santo Amaro being designed. Is it that way, Lucia? Lucia has got some people who can work on the software, such as making some changes, including the dots, maybe even thinking about uploads by cell phone. Such are things to be discussed, and Trebor may have some suggestions and instructions of the use of the software for Lucia. I do think it is a crucial thing to be to thought once that´s all what this project is about. 

Second thing is the other steps on the involvement with the project. Artur Matuck suggested we to study some texts and stuff related to cartographies and maps, so there is the blog that Trebor opened for us to upload with our material and we need its log in and password. For the time being we´re already using a simpler blog opened by Fabiane (http://cartografias.blogspot.com/) in which some texts (in Portuguese) are already posted. It´s good that all of us post material we find essential. Let´s maybe just wait for Trebor to tell us the log ins and passwords to be used in the blog. 

Following this are two possible events related to the project wich were suggested by Lucia and Artur. Lucia is having this small workshop in SENAC Santo Amaro in May called "Derivas" (Driftings), which will try to apply in a practical way some psychogeographical notions and explore the district with cameras, narratives, recorders, and such. Different driftings in the streets of Santo Amaro. The event may also host sort of a closed conference dealing with the Submap project, in which some of us will be presenting notions related to the project and goiving some basis on the current use of cartography. It will serve for us to know each other and also to write some material on the project and related subjects, such as the work of Trebor, the use of the city by social movements (in the case of Fabiane), Lucia´s work with cartographies, and such. We can likely have the presence of Brian Holmes (he´s currently in Argentina), who can be paid to come here and tell us his experiences with maps and its uses. At least we hope he can come - we´ve got to contact him as soon as possible, so, Fabi, don´t forget to send him an e-mail! From this event may also come out a publication, so it´s good for you all to think about a text related to the project. 

But that publication may be released in another (now bigger) event which we´re thinking on suggesting SESC (that can very likely embrace it), that would deal with "Maps and Territories". For that, we can think of inviting some people to make lectures and even think about some sort of exhibition (I particularly thought about asking Brian Holmes and Bureau d`Etudes to send their maps to occupy a whole exhibition room in SESC Pompeia) and of course the release of the submap project along with the working map of Santo Amaro. That event would be done by the end of the second semester, and it´s something yet to be decided and thought with more time and detail.

Well, that was what we basically discussed. Any other details, please Fabi, Matuck and Lucia include here. All the others, please ask your doubts and questions!

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