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I would like to extend an invitation to a free event this Tuesday for all
your members. Info as follows:

Memory Man of the London Times, author of Remember, Remember (Penguin,
2008), and Grandmaster of Memory, Ed Cooke is to host this *memory seminar
in Manhattan Tuesday, July 14th at 7:00PM at the University Settlement (184
Eldridge at Rivington).*

Ed famously trained journalist Josh Foer to become the US Memory Champion in
less than a year, has consistently finished in the top ten in the World
Memory Championships, and has been featured on major news outlets including
ABC, BBC, The New York Times, and all major UK radio and print news outlets.
He has spoken to over 100 schools in the past two years, and receives
regular requests to speak to both teachers and headmasters.

Cooke's memory skills include memorizing 1000 numbers in an hour, ten packs
of cards in an hour, and a deck of cards in under two minutes. Cooke has
remembered the order of a shuffled deck of cards in 43 seconds- more than
twice as fast as the record US time.

Recently, Ed Cooke presented the “best talk ever given on [Princeton]
campus”, "interactive, entertaining, and intellectual," "fascinating," and
"humorous," as stated by tenured Princeton professors, students, children
and local community members alike. I can guarantee that this will not

For more information please see www.memrise.com/masterclasses, or contact
info at memrise.com.

Please join us for what will no doubt be another insightful and lucid
lecture by the dynamic Ed Cooke.

My best,


Charlotte Salasky
charlotte at memrise.com
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