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A few - Events for Phill Niblock, January - March 2014
Jan 15 ,  Klub Katarakt Festival 37
A premier  of a newpiece for three orchestras, commisioned by the Katarakt Festival
"Three Petals" for the ensembles - Nelly Boyd, Hamburg;Trio Scordatura +, Amsterdam; Neon Ensemble, Oslo
Three Petals is originally conceived to be performed by three ensemblesplus pre-recorded playback. The first performance (by the commissioners - Klub Katarakt Festival in Hamburg) will takeplace in separate but contiguous halls. The audience can only hear the completework by walking through the spaces. The piece could also be performed by threeseparated ensembles in one common space (e.g., a concert hall).
The first and third ensemble move up a semitonethrough the piece (one from F to F#, the other from C to C#), while the secondensemble remains « stationary » around A. This, theoretically, results in amove, over 24 minutes, from major to minor, albeit blurred by the microtonalcharacter of the totality.
D i e   Ö f f n u ng   d e s   R a u m s
Kampnagel Hamburg
Jan 27 - A set in a concert at Club Transmediale, HebbelTheater 2,  Berlin
Featuring a new performance and recording of the orchestrapiece - "Baobab" by the Zinc and CopperWorks brass quartet, plus aperformance of "Vlada" for viola d'amore, with Elisabeth Smalt; AshEli, with Eli Keszler, percussion
Jan 30 - Thursday - A concert by Phill Niblock and Thomas Ankersmit - at KörberForum,
produced by Elbe Philharmonie, Hamburg, Germany, www. elbphilharmonie.de
Feb 5, Wednesday - A concert at the Logos Foundation in GentBelgium, playing a piece realized for the Logos Robot Orchestra, "One BlueRose", Vlada BC, with Elisabeth Smalt, viola d'amore; and others, 
Feb 24 - 28, aseries of lectures and concerts by Phill Niblock at Dartmouth College, HanoverNH, with Carlos Casas and Neil Leonard + students from Berklee College ofMusic, Boston
March 25 - 30 - University of Maine, campuses at Orono andFarmington, a series of lectures and concerts, with Katherine Liberovskaya,Alan Margolis, Neil Leonard, produced by Gustavo Aguilar

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