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The Forty-fifth Anniversary of EIperformances at 224 Centre Street, The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Founding ofExperimental Intermedia, the Fiftieth Anniversary of the 224 Centre Streetloft, and, not least, The Twenty-eight Annual Festival  with no fancyname, Part Two (or B)      Phill Niblock,curator                                  March 2019

Peer Bode, Andrew Deutschand Rebekkah Palov    A Video Event                        Monday11

CarrierBand: Bode, Deutsch and Palov, with historical recordings by HaraldBode,1949-1986, and Pauline Oliveros,1970-2002; the video "UberOrgan" was made at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY and atPeer Bode's home studio on his hand-built, custom Dave Jones Design, digitalframe buffer - experimental video instrument; much as life moves forward andback, so do the frames of the video frame buffer with its 48 framedigital-memory-chamber used for looking and considering nearly fifty years ofHarald Bode's notebooks; spanning the years 1937 to 1986, the notebooks ofpioneering electronic instrument designer Harald Bode are spaces where a newthinking about sound and future electronic instruments evolved and percolated.;a number of new videos as well as "Uber Organ" will be accompanied bythe live electroacoustic music of Carrier Band with Peer Bode performingvocoder/language, Rebekkah Palov DJ and real-time processed samples fromthe Harald Bode Archive and Andrew Deutsch with live mix featuring theunpublished recordings of Pauline Oliveros  peerbode.com; http://www.art-into-life.com/product-list/188;

https://vimeo.com/andrewdeutsch;rebekkahpalov.us https://andrewdeutschmagicif.bandcamp.com/releases

Chuck Bettis and Dave Grant(New York)                                                                Tuesday 12

SNAKEUNION is Chuck Bettis (electronics) & David Grant (modular synth). a duothat works in improvisational rhythmic explorations that match analog synthsand digital sound processing, modular wires and max patches. By turnspsychedelic, delicate, and fuzzed out, the sequenced collides with the freeformas these two soundmakers push into new realms With live video projections byKatherine Liberovskaya https://snakeunion.bandcamp.com    http://chuckbettis.com

James Fei (Oakland) and KatoHideki (New York)                                            Wednesday 13

James(analog electronics) and Kato (bass, electronics) have been working togethersince 2002; with a shared interest in translating studio recording techniquesto live performance and vice versa, the duo’s release Sieves was created withmultiple processes where live electronic improvisations were subjected toradical mixing and reverberation in an echo chamber; their performance practicecontinued to shift over the years through the investigation of feedback,speaker-room interaction and analog circuitry    www.jamesfei.com  www.katohideki.com

Shalom Gorewitz  (New Jersey)   A Video Event                                                  Thursday 14

Thepoet Wallace Stevens said that art should be abstract, change, and givepleasure; with the addition of risk, this describes recent work by pioneervideo artist Shalom Gorewitz; the screening will include Gorewitz’ infamousstrip tease to the national anthem from the early 1970s; a new 360 video Goat’sHead recorded on one of the most dangerous beaches in California; DTTV(dystrumpia television) which explores the causes and possible antidotes forthis psycho-traumatic disorder; and collaborations with the poet Rachel Hadas;one of their projects, Elegy for Stivenson Magloire, celebrates the work of anextraordinary Haitian artist Gorewitz met in Port au Prince in 1992 who wasassassinated shortly after; Arcade Fire member Richard Parry gave permission touse his music for the soundtrack     http://www.gorewitz.com

Shelly Silver (NewYork)     A VideoEvent                                                                   Friday 15

InShelly Silver’s frog spider hand horse house, the effort of all things to keepexisting has been observed by someone with a camera who seems, as far aspersonality goes, to be no one; this acutely neutral watcher—curious andpatient, pushing very close and holding steady there registers thesuper-focused effort of all creatures toward the expression of vitality, thestubborn going-on in time of particularly shaped and textured bodies; the firstin Silver’s trilogy on our current moment of destabilization, where the animal,vegetable and mineral are jolting into reconfiguration; animals and childrenare being placed on the frontline of this change and they are the soft and hardfocus of frog spider hand horse house

Bull.Miletic (Oslo)      A VideoEvent                                                                         Sunday 17

PROXISTANTVISION – a selection of three videos from the body of work created alongBull.Miletic’s ongoing artistic research project focused on the proliferationof new aerial moving imaging technologies and the emergence of a visualmodality they call proxistance; the videos are single-channel versions of thethree multi-media artworks realized in collaboration with Holly L. Aaron, MarkBoswell, Tom Gunning, Danielle Jorgens, Christopher Myers, Jan C. Schacher andPhill Niblock, whose music features in one of the videos; the production of theartworks was generously supported by Arts Council Norway, Arts Research Centerand Center for Science, Technology, Medicine, & Society at University ofCalifornia, Berkeley, Norwegian University of Science and Technology,Department of Media and Communication at University of Oslo, and Department ofCinema and Media Studies at University of Chicago    http://bull.miletic.info

SCREEN COMPOSITIONS 15- curated by Katherine Liberovskaya       

A Video Event                                                                                                      Monday18

Fifteenyears! seems like the first edition was only yesterday... for this 15thedition Screen Compositions presents as every year a collection ofintersections of moving image with sonic art; a programof screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborations betweenvideo/film artists and sound/music artists specifically intended forsingle-channel projection with no live or performance component; featuringcollaborations by: Miah Artola / Hitomi Honda; Pip Chodorov / CharlemagnePalestine; Kostas Chondros / Giovanni Lami; Michael Delia / Al Margolis; AndrewDemirjian / Matthew Gantt; Richard Garet / Michael Waller; Phill Niblock /William Hooker; Anna Pasztor / Žibuoklė Martinaitytė; Andrea Saggiomoaka 70fps. / SEC_ aka Mimmo Napolitano; GuillaumeVallée / DataSlum (Martin Rodriguez & Leon Louder)

Biliana Voutchkova and AlMargolis (If Bwana) (Berlin, New York)                  Tuesday  19

afirst encounter of bi and al will occur publicly tonight; a phenomena ofreaching far beyond the trivia of a first meeting, they will go straight (anddeeply) into a musical communication based on devotion, long experience andtrust; using strings, reeds, objects, contact mics (or all of the above), listening,responding, conversing; Al describes his most recent work as "quietwall" or the search for the sounds between: bi's work focuses on detailand slowly developing textures, but still allowing unexpected surprises; they'llmerge with the flow of the current moment, or perhaps with the edge of nothing     www.bilianavoutchkova.net          http://ifbwana.bandcamp.com/

Catherine Lamb and Phill Niblock                                                                     Thursday21

EnsembleneoN visits Experimental Intermedia on the occasion of the release of thegroup's new album NEON: NIBLOCK/LAMB on Hubro; in addition to Niblock's Two TeaRoses, the group will give the American premiere of Catherine Lamb's ParallaxisForma; Ensemble neoN is a Norwegian contemporary music group workingacross artistic forms, collaborating with visual artists and performers suchas Susanna, Phill Niblock, Alvin Lucier, Johannes Kreidler, Oren Ambarchi,Marina Rosenfeld, Jan St. Werner; neoN strives to listen to a world that isconstantly changing. It is this attitude that keeps challenging and expandingthe ensemble’s musical language  With the friendly support of stikk.no      ensembleneon.no

Our programs are supported by The David& Sylvia Teitelbaum Fund, Inc, the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, thePhaedrus Foundation, and the New York State Council on the Arts with thesupport of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature

224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, NY 10013   212 431 5127, 431 6430

www.experimentalintermedia.org andwww.XIrecords.org     9pm


XI CDs are now available for sale on the www.XIRecords.org website:

Phill Niblock - FourFull Flutes (XI 101); Lois V Vierk - Simoom (XI 102); Guy Klucevsek - FlyingVegetables Of The Apocalypse (XI 104); David Behrman - Unforeseen Events (XI105); Tom Johnson - Music For 88 (XI 106); Mary Jane Leach - Celestial Fires(XI 107); Fast Forward - Same Same (XI 108); Ellen Fullman - Body Music (XI109); Jackson Mac Low - Open Secrets (XI 110); Phill Niblock - Music By PhillNiblock (XI 111); Allison Cameron - Raw Sangudo (XI 112); Daniel Goode -Clarinet Songs (XI 113); Mary Ellen Childs - Kilter (XI 114); Richard Lainhart- Ten Thousand Shades Of Blue (XI 115); Peter Zummo - Experimenting WithHousehold Chemicals (XI 116); Logos Duo - Logos Works (XI 117); AnneaLockwood/Ruth Anderson - Sinopah (XI 118); Eliane Radigue - Trilogie De La Mort(XI 119); Malcolm Goldstein - The Seasons: Vermont (XI 120); Phill Niblock -YPGPN (XI 121); Paul Panhuysen - Partitas For Long Strings (XI 122); TomJohnson - The Chord Catalogue (XI 123); Ellen Band - 90% Post Consumer Sound(XI 124); Philip Corner - 40 Years And One (XI 125); Gen Ken Montgomery - 

Pondfloorsample (XI126); Michael J. Schumacher - Room Pieces (XI 127); Alan Licht - A New YorkMinute (XI 128); David Behrman - My Dear Siegfried (XI 129); Warren Burt - TheAnimation Of Lists And The Archytan Transpositions (XI 130); Matt Rogalsky -Memory Like Water (XI 131); David Watson - Fingering An Idea (XI 132); MichaelJ. Schumacher - Five Sound Installations (XI 133) (Dvd-Rom); David First –Privacy Issue (XI 134); Charlie Morrow – Toot! (XI 135); Michael Vincent Waller– The South Shore (XI 136); Ulrich Krieger -/RAW:ReSpace/ (XI 137); Dan Joseph- Electroacoustic

Works (XI 138); AmnonWolman/Neil Leonard - Security Vehicles Only (XI 139) digital only release;Cecilia Lopez – Red/Machinic Fantasies (XI 140); Leslie Ross – drop by drop,suddenly (XI 141) Coming Soon: Tom Chiu (XI 142)

The Following ReleasesAre 2 Cds For The Price Of 1: XI 115, XI 121, XI 126, XI 127, XI 128, XI 129,XI 130, XI 131, XI 132, XI 136, XI 137, XI 138; XI 140; XI 141 The FollowingReleases Are 3 Cds For The Price Of 2: XI 119, XI 134, XI 135

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