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Premiere of audio/video network arts piece“Duplexity State” (S W, electronics, Daniel Pinheiro, movement and visuals, remoteperformer live via the internet)        www.sarahweaver.org/syncsource/label John King and DavidWatson (New York)       Wednesday 11A first-time collaboration between two long-time New Yorkmusic creators: David Watson on Great Highland Bagpipes and Scottishsmallpipes, and John King playing viola; a conversation of drones, tones,listening and playing, extreme frequency and amplitude explorations will ensue        http://johnkingmusic.com          https://davidwatsonmusic.net Carl Stone (Tokyo)and Ulrich Krieger (LosAngeles)        Friday 13Stone (live electronics) and Krieger (saxophone) have beenworking together as a duo for a few years; they are listening into the depthsof the instruments, using microphones and electronics to facilitate hiddensounds to emerge, thereby creating quasi-hyper-realistic soundscapes from lushto hard where saxophone sounds and the electronics merge and becomeindistinguishable     http://www.rlsto.net/Nooz/      http://www.ulrich-krieger.com/ Kathy High (New YorkState)   A Video Event      Saturday 14I have been deep in art and science investigations,particularly trying to understand the interconnections of our ecosystems, ourimmune systems, and our microbiomes; of late, I have been making videos thatare obsessed with the gut microbiome and becomings; I will show a smattering ofworks on this night: documentary, speculative and otherwise        www.kathyhigh.com Luca Forcucci  (Italy/Switzerland)       Sunday 15Alerta ! is a poem of the Brazilian author Oswald de Andradeabout dictatorship during the 1960-1980’s in Brazil, resistance and love; thecomposition is a process based work: The poem told by the composer JorgeAntunes was recorded in Recife (Br); graphic scores were then given to acellist (Noémie Braun), and a percussionist (Lucas Gonseth) in LaChaux-de-Fonds (CH); the resulting material was recorded and recombined,brought forward in Switzerland, in Portugal, now in the USA, until its unknownfinal form   www.lucaforcucci.comwith support from Nicati -de Luze Foundation and ProHelvetia Jens Brand(Berlin)      Monday 16With the intense collaboration of BenManley and Dan Evans Farkas;they are collaborating in one way orthe other on the basis of overlapping unaltered individual approaches on timeconsuming media since the middle of the 90s; this concert will be not so loudbut somtimes not so not so loud and most likely be loud enough to considerbringing earplugs a good idea; the performance will feature Dan's Frankensteinrelated approach to live electronics (By sewing together the various electronicdevices with patch cords, I seek a sound that makes the soul shout out: “It’salive!  IT’S ALIVE!") and in particular the use of a lot of toywalkie talkies; Ben will generate electroacoustic sounds and let them bloom anddecay, several times, and Jens will focus on a  somewhat medieval-backwardsvisions of electronic music without speakers, featuring the NEW mechanicorchestra of ratchets and the first presentation of the mysterious andautomatic quartet of the FHDCMS (four harmonic dc motors sisters)     www.jensbrand.com Walter Wright(Massachusetts) A Video Event         Friday 20Psychology says that “we see what we think we see”; Lightfalls on the retina and the resulting stimulation is transmitted by the opticnerve to the brain; the brain forms an image, resolves 3D, compares it to thelast image thus detecting movement, checks for imminent danger and, finally,compares it to images already stored in memory. The result loops through themind/body system resulting in an emotional reaction, producing meaning; realityis, in a sense, obscured by our own perceptions; as video artists, it is up tous to dis-cover or un-cover reality, then re-present or re-imagine reality in amanner that changes the viewers perception, to inform rather than affirm, tocreate rather than imitate - Videos by Walter Wright and a performance byWalter Wright and Al Margolis aka Elka Bong   https://nohtv.wordpress.com/ SCREEN COMPOSITIONS16 - curated by Katherine Liberovskaya       Sunday 22ndFor its 16th edition Screen Compositions brings you againwithout fail a collection of inspiring and inspired intersections of movingimage with sonic art; a program of screen works representing dynamic two-way collaborationsbetween video/film artists and sound/music artists specifically intended forsingle-channel projection with no live or performance component; featuringcollaborations by: Benton Bainbridge / Barbara Held; Nathalie Bujold / MichelLangevin (Voivod); Alexandra Dementieva / Guy De Bièvre; Bradley Eros / LeaBertucci; Muyassar Kurdi / Ka Baird; Katherine Liberovskaya / Phill Niblock;Geoff Matters / Mike Lerner; Eiichi Tosaki & Jutta Pryor / Hitomi Honda;Twin Automat (Irini Karayannopoulou+Sandrine Cheyrol) / Yannis Saxonis; AdrianaVila Guevara / Alfredo Costa Monteiro Tony Martin (NewYork) A Video Event       Tuesday 24He sees Video as a joining place;  Recipes can bring together - Live electronics -personal/custom/invented and computer modulated;Variable voltage interfaces; Observation by camera;  Abstract video and optical translating;Hands-on drawing and painting-in-time using projection equipment; Personaloptical and mirror techniques; Collaborative Sound composition; This programwill feature works from the 1970's, 1990's and Now  www.tonymartinartist.net/intermedia Nicola L. Hein(Berlin) and Viola Yip (NewYork)                 Wednesday 25Hein (guitar, electronics) and Yip (lightbulbs, electronics)are an transdisciplinary duo that creates immersive site-specificperformances and installations bridging the vibrations of light and sound;trained as musicians, both of them are interested in looking into the ontologyof sound and how musical experience can be transformed beyond its commonmaterial: sound; in their duo project they research about the possibilities oflight as an expanded musical material; connecting lightbulbs, electronics andelectric guitar as an integrated instrument; in their performances they utilizelights and sounds as equally important and yet dialecticalmusicalmaterialshttps://nicolahein.com/  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=huhDK4GkFVM Our programs are supported by The David& Sylvia Teitelbaum Fund, Inc, the Aaron Copland Fund for Music, thePhaedrus Foundation, and the New York State Council on the Arts with thesupport of Governor Andrew Cuomo and the New York State Legislature224 Centre Street at Grand, Third Floor, NY 10013   212 431 5127, 431 6430www.experimentalintermedia.org andwww.XIrecords.org     9pm We are now streaming the concerts live on the Wave FarmWebsite:https://wavefarm.org/radio/partner-streams/schedule/e7hkxy  XI CDs are now available for sale on the www.XIRecords.org website:Phill Niblock - FourFull Flutes (XI 101); Lois V Vierk - Simoom (XI 102); Guy Klucevsek - FlyingVegetables Of The Apocalypse (XI 104); David Behrman - Unforeseen Events (XI105); Tom Johnson - Music For 88 (XI 106); Mary Jane Leach - Celestial Fires(XI 107); Fast Forward - Same Same (XI 108); Ellen Fullman - Body Music (XI109); Jackson Mac Low - Open Secrets (XI 110); Phill Niblock - Music By PhillNiblock (XI 111); Allison Cameron - Raw Sangudo (XI 112); Daniel Goode -Clarinet Songs (XI 113); Mary Ellen Childs - Kilter (XI 114); Richard Lainhart- Ten Thousand Shades Of Blue (XI 115); Peter Zummo - Experimenting WithHousehold Chemicals (XI 116); Logos Duo - Logos Works (XI 117); AnneaLockwood/Ruth Anderson - Sinopah (XI 118); Eliane Radigue - Trilogie De La Mort(XI 119); Malcolm Goldstein - The Seasons: Vermont (XI 120); Phill Niblock -YPGPN (XI 121); Paul Panhuysen - Partitas For Long Strings (XI 122); TomJohnson - The Chord Catalogue (XI 123); Ellen Band - 90% Post Consumer Sound(XI 124); Philip Corner - 40 Years And One (XI 125); Gen Ken Montgomery - Pondfloorsample (XI126); Michael J. Schumacher - Room Pieces (XI 127); Alan Licht - A New YorkMinute (XI 128); David Behrman - My Dear Siegfried (XI 129); Warren Burt - TheAnimation Of Lists And The Archytan Transpositions (XI 130); Matt Rogalsky -Memory Like Water (XI 131); David Watson - Fingering An Idea (XI 132); MichaelJ. Schumacher - Five Sound Installations (XI 133) (Dvd-Rom); David First –Privacy Issue (XI 134); Charlie Morrow – Toot! (XI 135); Michael Vincent Waller– The South Shore (XI 136); Ulrich Krieger -/RAW:ReSpace/ (XI 137); Dan Joseph- ElectroacousticWorks (XI 138); AmnonWolman/Neil Leonard - Security Vehicles Only (XI 139) digital only release;Cecilia Lopez – Red/Machinic Fantasies (XI 140); Leslie Ross – drop by drop,suddenly (XI 141) Coming Soon: Tom Chiu (XI 142) The Following ReleasesAre 2 Cds For The Price Of 1: XI 115, XI 121, XI 126, XI 127, XI 128, XI 129,XI 130, XI 131, XI 132, XI 136, XI 137, XI 138; XI 140; XI 141 The FollowingReleases Are 3 Cds For The Price Of 2: XI 119, XI 134, XI 135
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