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Anotherannoucement!!!!Ihave a new CD on XI and Akoh joined labels, with a great piece with DafneVicente-Sandoval on bassoon, an hour and five minutes long, and a release party Andvideo and sound installations by Katherine Liberovskaya and me, each Pleaserespond to this announcement to pniblock at compuserve.com - there is no responseat this address PhillNiblock   SUMMER AT WHITEBOXWHITEBOX AND 2B&2CPRESENT IN COLLABORATION WITH dART AT REÍS STUDIOS  WHITENOISE IVBrooklynSounds: An Out of the Box Project Curatedby Juan Puntes with Katherine Liberovskaya July9-11 & July 23-25 Installationson view from 12PM Noon42011ST AVE, SUNSET PARK, BROOKLYN, NY 11232SeeBelow For Live Performance Evening Schedule PARTICIPATINGARTISTS:Tom Chiu, Neil Leonard, Dan Joseph, Phill Niblock, KatherineLiberovskaya, Matt Sullivan, Beatrice Antonie Martino, Masa Hosojima, MahoOgawa, Michael Schumacher, Zorica Čolić, DafnaNaphtali, Chuck Bettis, & Hans Tammen  Evening Performance Schedule:Friday,July 9 @6:00PM|Opening Reception With Refreshments Friday,July 9 @7:30PM | LivePerformances by Matt Sullivan + Beatrice Antonie Martino, Daphna Naphtali +Chuck Bettis, and Dan Joseph Saturday,July 10 @6:00PM |XIEvening: New XI Records CD Releases by Phill Niblock, Tom Chiu, NeilLeonard and Dave Seidel| Visit from XI Label Manager Al Margolis Saturday,July 10 @7:30PM | XIEvening: Live Performances by XI artists: Tom Chiu, Neil Leonard, and MichaelSchumacher Friday,July 23 - Saturday, July 25 @7:00PM |Live Performances by Hans Tammen, Masa Hosojima, Maho Ogawa, and AdditionalPerformers TBD TBA | Artists in Conversation with JuanPuntes  RSVP at info at whiteboxny.org or on Facebook COVID Regulation:Masks required and provided. Surfaces will be thoroughly sanitized.  XI EveningSaturday,July 10th _Theevening will launch two new releases on XI Records, as well as two co-releases between XI Records and AKOH Label.  Dave Seidel | Involution (XI 143) | 2 CDs for theprice of one Tom Chiu | The Live One (XI 144 | 2 CDs for theprice of one Phill Niblock | NuDaf (XI 145 / AKOH 145) | CDfeaturing Dafne Vicente-Sandoval, bassoon Neil Leonard | Sonance for the Precession(XI 146 / AKOH 146) | Vinyl 12” LP  Liveperformances by Tom Chiu, Neil Leonard, and XI Artist Michael Schumacher will also takeplace. Labelmanager Al Margolis will bepresent for the launch. As well, an installation by XI Recordsfounder Phill Niblock with mediaartist Katherine Liberovskaya ison view at the exhibition/concert site.  Since1992, XI Records has released a series of compact discs highlightingthe music of contemporary artist-composers whose works are original andgalvanizing. A short list of artists on the label include: Phill Niblock,Eliane Radigue, David Behrman, Annea Lockwood, Michael Schumacher, DavidWatson, Ellen Fullman, David First, and Cecilia Lopez, among others. The intentof XI Records is to extend the experience of these engaging andpioneering works beyond the performance space into the home. 
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