[iDC] Art

saul ostrow sostrow at gate.cia.edu
Sat Dec 10 01:47:19 EST 2005

In the face of all this specificity -let me be simplistic
for I continue to feel that we are addressing one another as if we are 
in agreement as to the terms we are using - yet no one has sought to 
define anything more than their point of view
so in the name of resisting the tendency to build on sand  -- I would 
like to ask
what is our object/ subject include -- that we wish to resist
what does that subject/ object exclude -- what do we wish to preserve
what is the terms and conditions of its (the subject/ object's)  
present situation we wish to change
what will the terms and condition of the subject/object be as a result 
of our resistance or actions
what effect will this change have on us

Saul Ostrow
Visual Arts and Technologies Environment
Chair of Painting
The Cleveland Institute of Art

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