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saul ostrow sostrow at gate.cia.edu
Sat Dec 10 18:01:40 EST 2005

the individual act of resistance - personal politics needed to have a 
center which to organize around otherwise what do we contribute to -- 
feeling good about ourselves - is that the goal or the reward we seek  
-- obviously, any program formulated at this point does not come with 
strategy, tactics or form - building such models  is were individual 
initiative and networks come to have importance in that they are the 
means to come to understand what  impact such a program will have on 
its parts  after all the process of change is either mechanical and 
determinist or its heuristic

On Dec 10, 2005, at 1:18 PM, Trebor Scholz wrote:

> This is where I see my commitment right now. Resistance I define
> for myself in defining a vision. I agree that work needs to be 
> meaningful
> and useful to others. It's hard to figure in advance what will be 
> useful or
> consequential though.
> Trebor
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