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" One of the reasons the US government has been driven so far to the
right (certainly not the only one) is the long-term, grass-roots organizing
efforts of evangelical Christians (over the past twenty-plus years),
beginning at the local and state level (school boards, county councils,
etc.). ... they have been working steadily at taking control of public
institutions for decades at the cellular level. ... As I result,
I would question the apparent division between working
and having a global, or national, impact. This relates in turn to the
question of duration in engaged art practice (something I've been trying to
analyze for some time, since it runs against the grain of conventional
avant-garde thinking in the arts)." kester last post

this historical context--and the effective use of MSM as well as online
organizing--is crucial.  i find the romantic avant-garde hope eternally
returning at points of despair. we are faced with the difficult necessity
of not separating media (art?) and politics.

this is one of my contributions to exacting a ' no-nonsense commitment to
faithful accounts of a 'real' world"

Critical Media Literacy in Times of War

Megan Boler

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