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Fri Dec 23 18:19:36 EST 2005

Dear Grant and everyone -


I never hear of Fernando Gracia-Dory but I'm willing.
Barcelona like Buenos Aires is one of the places I consider moving to (and
often do).

Definitely throw in Hackitectura and the Fadaiat constellation for some of
those funkadelic activist/architect/new media crossovers!

Jose Perez de Lama alias Osfa is basically a guy from Seville with an
desert hat and a soft voice and a lot of knowledge and the idea that it can
become something. Teaches art! And has lots of friends on the IRC. This
gang of keyboard freaks became activists at the same time as hackers, and
seem to have found out that what they can do is what they can conceive of,
which I would say is pretty inspiring from the old art point of view. Pablo
(who cares what his last name is, I don't think he does) is apparently
responsible for the best or the craziest parts of the back side of their
map of the Straits aka the Madiaq territy, which uses the visual metaphor
of the PureData program to show, not just a territorial and
deterritorialized network, but also how it evolves in time... Javier Toret
is more the social theorist of the bunch, all of 25 or so and writes better
than I do, I guess he doesn't much like the way the country is run, or the
empire either. I think these people are great, they put on a damn nice
festival too, and they were part of the recent protest in Ceuta against the
European wall that starts in Africa. Fuck that is a good way to put it!
(Protest because of the dead and wounded people from Subsaharan Africa
trying to get somewhere where there is somewhere, after their own countries
have been ruined, and then in the way they meet the Morroccan and European

Many more people should be named, and not just Chaser. Check it out at:


This gang is pretty much insperable from this one:


who in their turn are linked to the people who made Otra Malaga - a
map/book/dvd of the "territory for sale" that they're living in and you can
go to vaction there if you want or have the greenbacks...

best, Brian 

gkester at ucsd.edu wrote:
> Dear Brian and All,
> Thanks for the details on Etcetera. They are really exciting, and it's
> great to have some additional examples of practice to discuss. I agree
> with Brian; there is a lot of very intersting work going on in Argentina
> (dating back to the 1960s). On a related point, is anyone on the list
> familiar with Fernando Gracia-Dory, who works in Spain? This is one of the
> few net/new media and activist cross-overs that I'm actually familiar with
> (his seed project was included in the Groundworks exhibition I did at
> Carnegie Mellon this fall). He created linkages between the farming
> community and hacker networks in Spain, associated with intellectual
> property issues around control of seed stocks and information.
> Best,
> Grant

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