[iDC] Lev Manovich on Remix Culture

Lucas Bambozzi lbambozzi at comum.com
Sun Apr 16 13:03:34 EDT 2006

still following 'provocative views'...

"The problem with computers is that there is not enough Africa in them. This
is why I can't use them for very long. Do you know what a nerd is? A 
nerd is a human being without enough Africa in him or her. I know 
this sounds sort of inversely racist to
say, but I think the African connection is so important.
You know why music was the center of our lives for such a long time? 
Because it was a way of allowing Africa in. In 50 years, it might not 
be Africa; it might be Brazil. But I want so desperately for that 
sensibility to flood into these other areas, like computers."
Brian Eno (Interview with Brian Eno - Wired Magazine, May 1995)

At 16:18 -0400 12/04/2006, Paul D. Miller wrote:
>hey folks - as usual, this is waaaayyyy too Eurocentric.
>Arghh! When will people look at other stuff... This gets to be a drag.
>Again: Sons et Lumiere - no people of color.
>Visual Music: No people of color


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