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Mon Aug 14 13:52:17 EDT 2006

dear list, 
i'm introducing myself after lurking a long time, as well...
i'm a student of media and communications writing a phd on 
mobile communications and cities.  i'm an artist and presenter on ideas 
having to do with architecture and media through the research collaboration 
- archimedia - http://archimedia.sytes.net -

i just wanted to repond to this very important comment of katarinka's.
it's very apt. my own personal feeling about the theme of the interactive city
is that it was a curatorial misfire. many artists produced work about pollution,
a political problem in san jose of notorious proportions. with all the green
stuff happening and health data, also an interactive technology area, maybe the
festival should have put the art on the ground so to speak, with an idea like
'city as enviroment' to which the artists were already attuned. this would
certainly have been of interest to the communities of san jose across many
lines, and would have sparked a lot of meaningful crossovers and
interstices...instead the interactive city concept led to a lot of corporatized
"play" which wasn't accessible in its futurism and athleticism. i think this
question about militarism and terrorism is very good, and its unfortunate that
instead of taking on the problem of the city, its location, etc, it seemed to be
avoided and, even, denied for sensibilities which could just as well have taken
 place in any suburb.

thanks for such a slicing through of the gimmicky side of R&D!

molly hankwitz 

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