[iDC] Re: Citizen Reporting

Laurence Allard laurence.allard at politechnicart.net
Wed Aug 2 05:15:39 EDT 2006

hello, bonjour,

just fews more information about this topic "Citizen Reporting" for this 
very interesting list!

We can quote too some experiments based on Asterisk, an open source PBX, 
for building the new front of free mobile all around the world and this 
a important point noticed by Trebor, people have now more mobile phones 
than laptop...

Some links with Asterisk (http://www.asterisk.org) :

Blasterisk :

Blasterisk against Torture :

In France, an experiment during the discussion of new law of 
intellectual property, called "Autonomous Zone of Free Mobile"

and more links about free mobile, hacking geolocations and locative 
media, see the blogroll of our site http://www.politechnicart.net/blog

A suivre...

Laurence Allard, sociologist
Olivier Blondeau, politist,

Université Lille 3-France
(We can see also wiki of our course "Digital Dissents" : 

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