[iDC] ISEA & [murmur]

Shawn Micallef shawn at murmurtoronto.ca
Sat Aug 5 14:27:51 EDT 2006


I'm going to use my first post to the IDC list to be a little selfish and
say we're setting up a [murmur] project for ZeroOne here in San Jose. We've
been recording location specific stories from locals for the past week, and
our signs w/ phone number to call w/ cell phone should be up around town by
Monday and we'll have maps (I hope! if the kinko's here accommodates) of our
locations at our "booth" (maybe just and easel) in the South Hall. It's all
a little guerilla but San Jose seems to be a super friendly place, and
people are very helpful.

We're co-producing this one with the Canadian Film Centre's Habitat New
Media Lab who also hosting Mike Figgis doing a live mix of Timecode at 8pm
on Friday aug 11 at the Parkside Hall (in the convention centre) which
should be fun (which I think is the same time as the IDC meeting. At any
rate, the large pack of Canadians will be at a Cdn Reception on wed 8-10pm
at the Loft Bar (90 south second street) if people want to wander by and see

We've been focused on getting this project done in time, but when I do look
up and see what's going to be here, it's a bit overwhelming. So many



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