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Jenny Perlin j at nilrep.net
Sun Aug 6 15:24:59 EDT 2006

This is my first post to the idc.

I wanted to share with you a selected number of news sites and blogs I have
been reading on a regular basis since the wars began (Iraq, Gaza, Lebanon).
There is an unbelievable amount of writing, discussing, activism being done
both online and in the streets in response to these wars. Each link below
contains links to many journalisms, resources, blogs, and organizations.

I start with the Guardian. At the end of each Guardian article about the
current wars there are links to some excellent blogs, online diaries, and
additional news sources.

I then look at Electronic Lebanon, Electronic Intifada, and Electronic Iraq.
There are so many powerful, well-written articles in this irreplaceable
online resource. Below I've listed several links, each of which brings you
to a different part of the extensive site(s).







Saveleb.org has done an excellent job of both posting articles, videos,
protest and vigil announcements around the world, and links to write your
representative (internationally) and donate relief funds.

Open Lebanon, lebanonheartblogs, and lebanesebloggers all consolidate
different bloggers' posts and I look at all of them regularly.



Every day I go to beirutupdate, Zena¹s blog, since her writings were the
first ones I was reading about the conflict, via email sent to me by
friends. She then started a blog because the response was so enormous to her

Artist Emily Jacir also did a very fine project recently with students at
the Kitchen¹s Summer Institute, here in NY, using some of Zena¹s writings.

I am fond of Ramzi's blog as well, another diary.

The Guardian lists Lebanese Political Journal at the end of its articles.
While I have not been reading in it extensively, it appears to be
well-written, clear, and insightful.

I am also following what is happening Gaza. fromgazawithlove is written by
Dr. Mona El-Farra, human rights and women¹s activist and doctor who lives
and works in Gaza. There are links to other sites on her blog.

Finally, I'll point you to Maysoon's site, Maysoon Zayid News. Maysoon is an
actress and professional stand-up comedienne, who, in her own words, will be
the first "comedienne, activist, actress, and dancing gimp to win an Oscar
in the obsessive-compulsive multitasking category" Please read about
"Maysoon's Kids," an initiative for "Helping Palestine's disabled children,
one child at a time." as well.

Again, there are hundreds if not thousands of other resources out here. I
just wanted to point you to the ones I am looking at on a regular basis, in
hopes that they will also be helpful in whatever way you decide to engage.

Jenny Perlin

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