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Mette Ramsgard Thomsen Mette.Thomsen at karch.dk
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>    1. Atoms and Bits (Khan, Omar)
Dear all,
Thanks Omar for your summary of the issues discussed in the last month – I
think that Tiziana/John’s question about *what tools/what environments* is a
good way of trying to get closer to the manner in which interactive
experiences can be sited. I agree of course with Usman’s critique of the
*lobby installation*, which remain inconsequential to its environment and to
its user, but at the same time I find that thinking application somehow
always kills the bird. So we are left in a territory between the polite and
that which engages us on multiple levels, social, cultural, political. I
find this place complex but not without tradition in an architectural world.
In my own practice i am seeking a behavioural space that performs its shape
shifting in rhythm or reaction to our own constant morphing. Working with
ideas of embodied interaction the question of practice and learning becomes
a way through which our agency in a given environment is challenged and
extended. How is the body shaped by action? What happens when action
calcifies into habit? Could an architecture itself hold such habit patterns
finding form through its own motility or movement? If habit and learning
shapes agency how can meaning itself become an emergent phenomenon that
arises through the artefact or space?

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> Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2006 09:16:47 -0700 (PDT)
> From: horit herman peled <horithp at yahoo.com>
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> Dear Trebor,
>   Not everybody is silent in Israel!
>   Yesterday we had a quite big demonstration in Tel Aviv after many
> other demonstrations. The demonstrators were mostly Arab and Israeli
> citizens.
>   More than 20% of those who were killed so far in this war in Israel
> are Israeli Palestinians citizens.
>   I hope that people on this list will have the courage to express
> their humanness.
>   Thank you,
>   Horit Herman Peled
>   Tel Aviv / zefad
> http://www.horit.com
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> From: "sascha brossmann" <brsma.s at gmail.com>
> Subject: Re: [spectre] [iDC]: Call for Interventions
> To: "nat muller" <nat at xs4all.nl>
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> On 8/5/06, nat muller <nat at xs4all.nl> wrote:
>> ...
>> We call for an immediate end to the violence and destruction.
>> We call on the international community to open its eyes - and on you to
>> make your voice heard.
>> ...
> how about making your lovely voice heard to the hizbullah and friends
> â•„ who are acting as if they were totally off-limits and above the law
> in lebanon, using civilians as living shields, killing non-combattants
> devoid of any hint of mercy and last but not least getting
> continuously financed by e.g. iran and its beloved fÃπhrer with quite
> some money (ever wonder why those guys are quite well-equipped in the
> arms department, huh?) â•„ *as well*?
> i. am. *so* *fed* *up* with this ongoing selective perception and lack
> of reflection concerning the state of affairs in the middle east[1].
> btw, i still wonder where all this moral outrage had been hiding when
> e.g. the genocide in rwanda took place, where were and are they
> concerning e.g. the still ongoing activities of the LRA in northern
> uganda, where are they concerning all the other loads of shit that
> happen day by day[2]╜ oops, sorry, i always tend to forget: no jews
> involved there. honi soit╜
> ________
> [1]  see e.g. http://web.amnesty.org/library/Index/ENGMDE150702006 for
> some more balanced information
> [2] see e.g. http://www.un.org/events/tenstories_2006/index.asp
> best,
> sb

Mette Ramsgard Thomsen
Associate Professor, MAA, PhD

Head of CITA / Centre for Information Technology and Architecture
Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture
Philip de Langes Allé / 1435 Copenhagen K / Denmark

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