[iDC] Atoms, Bits, and Ubiquity

Gere, Charlie c.gere at lancaster.ac.uk
Wed Aug 9 10:44:24 EDT 2006

Hi everybody

I am taking the liberty of posting a link to an article in the London Times newspaper published today (Wednesday, 9th August). It is the latest weekly column by Grayson Perry, who is a friend, but perhaps best known, in the United Kingdom at least, as Turner-Prize winning artist, who works with pottery and who is also famous for being a transvestite. The column reflects some conversations Grayson and I had over the summer about new media art, and it also refers to some of the ideas I was trying to get at in my book Art, Time and Technology (which Trebor has asked me to write about). I am not sure how it might link with the thread I have attached to, but it may stimulate discussion (bearing in mind that it was originally written for an audience that in general knows nothing such matters).



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