[iDC] introduction

Burak Arikan arikan at media.mit.edu
Wed Aug 9 17:45:12 EDT 2006

Hi everybody,

I find the discussion on this list exciting and relevant to my  
research, and hoping to contribute to this developing discourse. I am  
also at ISEA presenting a work on Friday and looking forward to meet  
you in person on Thursday. Let me quickly introduce myself.

I recently completed my master's degree at the MIT Media Laboratory  
in the Physical Language Workshop. While at MIT, I pursued research  
exploring systems that address the transition from connectivity to  
collectivity in the context of creative expression. My current  
research is focused on building platforms for artists and designers  
that enables collaboration based on composing distributed electronic  
objects over the Internet.

As an artistic exploration, I build systems that evolve with the  
interactions of people and machines, and I show the instances of  
these systems through diverse media including prints, animation,  
software, electronics, and physical materials.

You can find a brief documentation of my work here:

I am excited with the Architecture and Situated Technologies  
Symposium, and I hope I can add to the ongoing discussion.


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