[iDC] Interactive City: irrelevant mobile entertainment?

Ksenija Berk ksenija.berk at siol.net
Mon Aug 21 10:40:35 EDT 2006

Hi everybody!

Back from a short vacation, intrigued by interesting posts...
I find very interesting the point Giselle's writing about the popularization
of small, almost-body-like devices for contemporary communications...which
allow us to be constantly on the other side(of fantasy, daydreaming,
entertainment, play..) while living in an everyday world with other people,
groups and communities, who sometimes virtually live in decades already
ancient and forgotten.
And I absolutely agree with Patrick's comments.

To put the debate further on the level of artistic projects I'd like to
inform you with the work of Slovenian artist, 'Intimate Global
Communicator' - Igor Stromajer (www.intima.org), whom some of you know quite
He researches tactical emotional states and traumatic low-tech strategies.
Here are links to his later works and projects.

     Ballettikka Internettikka: VolksNetBallet
      Live from Volksbühne Basement Toilet, Berlin
      July 9th 2006

        Oppera Internettikka Bollywooddikka
      Stromajer sings HTML & Java, MC Brane manipulates MP3 orchestra, New
Delhi, India, Jan 2006

     Ballettikka Internettikka
      mobile net-ballet invasion | guerrilla net performance
      by Stromajer & Zorman


Ksenija Berk,
freelance art critic & theorist

PhD Student at Polytechnic Nova Gorica,
e: ksenija.berk at siol.net

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