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Wed Aug 23 11:12:55 EDT 2006

How do we evaluate the quality of a piece?

It reminds me of the critique in very "open" simple projects that are easy
to understand, where (almost) everyone can contribute e.g. with an SMS, like
the project "Urban Diary" (an SMS accessible screen at a subwaystop in
Berlin) in contrast to curated story projects like "Murmure". Both projects
I thing are very interesting. The first one tries just by choosing a good
location and giving an enspiring name to achieve more thoughtful
contributions. The second one gets first in a face to face discourse with
special local people to find interesting stories. Is it more valuable to get
"good quality" content, stories that are interesting to read or listen to,
or is it more valuable to make a lot of people in the streets get involved
to contribute, even if its just by saying "Hi how are you?"

Unfortunately people seem to be pretty banal and thats very real Public

I also wanted to share this with non ISEA goers:

Some nice people running around at ISEA gave me this spectator survey for
the ZeroOne Festival trying to evaluate the "worthyness of such an event:


So here you see what the City of San Jose is really interested in, not
really in exploring new (playful) interactions with its citizens I am

It shows with what forces and interests one has to deal going officially
into Urban Public Space.

I wish I would have had time to develop my own counter spectator survey.
Which is also a good tool to get in discourse with people in the streets.

Or better couldn't we invite the artists to reflect about their experiences
and contribute some selfcritique to this discussion here? Maybe some of them
are on the list here and could talk about their experiences.

I found the "interactive supplement" quite interesting that the artists had
to fill out for the Online Jury. Would be interesting to reflect on this
after the Event now. Questions were among others:

Who will interact with this project?
How can we reach this audience?
What is the scale of the interactions?
How many interactions do you expect during the week of ISEA2006 for each
person participating?

How will you generate content before ISEA2006 for the project?
How will the overall content evolve (or not) over the course of ISEA 2006?

How long is the typical interaction?
Where does the interaction take place?
Envisioned Interaction:


Mirjam Struppek
Urban Media Research, Berlin

Urban Space, Public Sphere and the New Media

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