[iDC] Re: Conferencing Formats and Welome to Marc Tuters

Ryan Griffis ryan.griffis at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 12:26:52 EST 2006

i'm have probably attended less NM conferences than most here... so i'm 
somewhat weary of saying too much. But the Back Channel idea seems an 
interesting, if definitely problematic, conference tactic. One thing 
that could be functional in a panel situation might be to introduce a 
level of moderation to the laptop input, to avoid a take over by 
"fast-typing jokers." Either other panelists or some dedicated group of 
moderators could select threads for projection. Kind of a chat-mixer... 
or a panel-jockey!
of course, i can imagine many critiques of introducing moderation to 
this form, but it may be something worth discussing...
(Patrick - is there an accessible record of the talk you and Nathan 

On Feb 1, 2006, at 11:00 AM, MT wrote:

> On the note of "situated chats", at USC we've been experimenting with
> breaking up seminar's discussion with an Instant Message "BACK CHANNEL"
> chat that's projected next to the speaker's Powerpoint. I have my 
> issues
> about the Back Channel, as it often seems that it impoverishes the 
> spoken
> debate, but at least it brings the laptoppers back into the space. I 
> think
> that a real benefit here would be a chat interface that was less 
> linear,
> something that could group threads as they form (since, as we all know,
> what tends to happen in chats, is that some of the more thoughtful
> comments get drowned out by fast-typing jokers). Funny that Sara 
> Diamond
> keeps coming to mind, but I think that her Code Zebra project was an
> attempt to make something like this. OWuld be interested if anyone had 
> any
> experience with a chat interface like that, as I think the Back 
> Channel is
> a great venue for that.

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