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Steve's format experimentation at ISEA06 is worthy of new media, events and all.
  Has anyone considered a few leaps at open space technology as a way of structuring some sessions?  The approach was inspired by observing that much of the best dialogue at conferences goes on in the hallways.  lovely, eh?

Steve Dietz <stevedietz at yproductions.com> wrote:
  Hi everyone,

I've been following this particular thread for a while now, and it has been
really inspiring and challenging for thinking about the ISEA2006 Symposium
(http://isea2006.sjsu.edu), which I am co-organizing with Joel Slayton. I
know that many of you on this list were part of early discussions about the
Symposium and also may be on the jury for the Symposium presentations.

One of the things we are very interested in trying at ISEA2006 is a format
where no papers are delivered, but key points followed by a strongly
moderated discussion. (The actual papers will be available online beforehand
and also part of an earlier online discussion, but I am skeptical of how
many people will read them till afterwards, when they go - "that was a
really interesting discussion, I'd like to read more about what so and so is

Even so, we are retaining some more traditional "keynotes," in part because
I think good ones can do an amazing job of setting the tone and a certain
context very powerfully. For me, Shuddha Sengupta's and Wendy Chun's
keynotes at the 2004 ISEA were highlights of the entire event for me.
Inspiring in a way that could only happen by their in-depth deliveries, I


On 2/6/06 6:41 PM, "Trebor Scholz" wrote:

>> tight coupling between formats and outcomes. While clearly formats
>> enframe the discussion, shaping the relations between participants
>> and audience, I wonder if we are placing too much emphasis on the
>> formats and not enough on the participants or the topic at hand?
> Formats are not merely a frame. They do structure and influence the
> content of what is said. But I agree that formats are not all that
> matters, of course. Otherwise, you end up with an empty cocoon. And as
> you say, yes, each topicality calls for its own anatomy. Each speaker
> brings their own strength in performing their ideas. No need to throw
> out the baby with the bath. There is not anything wrong with reading a
> brief text, say-- for 5 minutes. I don¹t see much value in keynotes
> though, MarK. Perhaps you can elaborate on this and
> introduce the example of the event the iDC co-facilitates with the
> Center for Virtual Architecture... And MarC, maybe you could
> talk about your upcoming festival?

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