[iDC] Gated Knowledge Communities

Stefan Römer stefanroe at web.de
Fri Feb 10 12:29:42 EST 2006

That intervention of Julian Stallabrass is in many relations very 
What is striking is that the so called »inner circle« of publishers 
consists by itself of many different groups and they are all in a 
competition with each other. Same holds of course more true for the 
freelancers related to the different circles.

My experience since the beginnings of the 90s is, if you try to develop 
a reflexive thinking/rhetoric in which you take in your perspective the 
modes of production (which doesn't mean self-referentialy) it is risky 
to not get kicked out. Even if in the same magazine appears a bunch of 
texts articles about deconstructivism or what ever. This seems to be a 
kind of institutional selfconditioning.
It is often said that this is different for netcommunities and 
mailinglists but the next problem there involves a different form of 
production in relation to the time that is invested. Most of the time 
the papers for conferences are not finished at the time of the 
presentation. The question is if there is a possibility for a new 
playground of rhetorics which is not in the same way exclusive without 
loosing (1.) a consistent intellectual field and (2.) the recipients -- 
is it same for conference papers and magazine essays?

Stefan Roemer

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