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Hana Iverson h.iverson at temple.edu
Sat Feb 18 11:40:06 EST 2006

In the category of first posts, I am chiming in..

I think the interest in Internet2 is that alot of Universities
and institutions have invested in the system (and have had the
system for a while) and are still trying to find interesting
and provocative ways to use it.  I agree that there are many
newer, more innovative ways to network - RFID tags are one of
them.  But the ability of Internet 2 to carry huge packets of
information still challenges people - particulary in the
educational arena, who are still trying to sort out distance
learning and distance collaborations. I came to Temple with
the same boredom about Internet 2 but we are using it to
connect classrooms and projects between our international
campuses.  Frankly, its easier to use iChat, and blogs and
other, lighter, swifter methods of intra-class collaborations.
But I have been looking at the projects that you are going to
be addressing at CAA in your panel, Trebor, and I am
interested to hear what the consensus is on Internet 2.  I am
connecting a class that I am teaching in Philadelphia with one
in Tokyo via Internet 2.

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