[iDC] Whose Future Internet?

Brian HOLMES brian.holmes at wanadoo.fr
Mon Feb 27 15:30:27 EST 2006

Trebor Scholz wrote:
The politics
> of Internet2 is hardwired into its routers. The routers of current
> TCP/IP Internet merely direct data packages between client and server in
> the fastest way possible. The routers of Internet2 have the built-in
> ability to filter content.

Did you finally get the tech explanation of this? Can anyone tell us now, in exactly what way the I2 routers differ? Is it just different protocols (logical layers like BGP etc)? Or is it also hardware? To what extent is DRM "built in" to Internet2 ?

I would really like to have the answers but obviously, it's not just explained on the official sites,	 and I am afraid I haven't time to do the sleuthing myself, not right now anyway.

all best, Brian

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