[iDC] Introduction

Khan, Omar omarkhan at ap.buffalo.edu
Wed Jul 5 12:15:54 EDT 2006

I am the third in the trio that is organizing the Architecture and Sutuated Technologies Symposium. I am very excited to see how this list to which I have been an observer for the last 6 months will enliven and expand our discussions in October
I am an assistant professor of architecture at the University at Buffalo and co-director of the Center for Virtual Achitecture: www.ap.buffalo.edu/cva. On the site you will find my ongoing research projects: 8-Bit Architecture and Composite Elastomers. At present I am working on a project with my brother for ISEA called SEEN-Fruits of our Labor- http://01sj.org/content/view/56/49/. My research revolves around the question of responsiveness in architecture- material,  programatic and social enabled by digital technologies. Architecture's traditional role as space organizer is fundamentally being challenged by information technologies that are able to create their own particular social spaces apart form architecture. For my research the challenge lies in understanding the means by which information creates emergent collectives and how architecture can sustain and encourage such formations. I am particularly interested in how artificial systems can challenge assist in  challenging the status quo in the brechtian sense and not simply be a mirror to our activities. 
I look forward to moderating the discussion in August and I hope to see many of you at ISEA.

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