[iDC] yet another intro

Erich Berger eb at randomseed.org
Fri Jul 7 05:36:16 EDT 2006

hello everybody,

encouraged by the recent wave i want to introduce myself
to the list. i was asked to subscribe a few weeks ago by

my name is erich berger i live and work as an artist in
porvoo finland (close to helsinki) but have austrian origin.

i have a background in communication engineering, mechatronics and
philosophy and wrote my MA in vienna about "epistemological questions
towards telerobotic".

the last 4 years i was living in oslo/norway.
for 2 years i was running the
"MAKING SENSE - physical computing for artists"
project at the oslo based media lab atelier nord http://anart.no .

this workshop and lecture based programm was aimed to introduce
hard and software skills to artists and designers interested in
the broad field of media art, to be able to investigate and build
there own interfaces, and to stimulate the local art scene.

this year i m working with the same lab on a project which runs
for one year under the umbrella INTERFACE and SOCIETY. it consists
of a series of workshops, an exhibition and a conference:

since artists started working with technology they have been developing
interfaces and modes of interaction. the interface itself became an
artistic thematic.
the project INTERFACE and SOCIETY investigates how artists deal with
the transformation of our everyday life through technical interfaces.
with the rapid technological development a thoroughly critique of the
interface towards society is necessary.
the role of the artist is thereby crucial. s/he has the freedom to
deal with technologies and interfaces beyond functionality and usability.
the project INTERFACE and SOCIETY is looking at this development
with a special focus on the artistic contribution.

as an artist i m interested in structures with self emergent properties.
i m working currently on a project called HCO - Heart Chamber Orchestra
which will premiere in october in Trondheim/Norway:

The Heart Chamber Orchestra is an audiovisual performance.
The orchestra consists of 12 classical musicians of the Trondheim
Sinfonietta and the artist duo TERMINALBEACH.
Using their heartbeats, the musicians control a computer composition
and visualization environment. The musical score is generated in
real time by the heartbeats of the musicians.
They read and play this score from a computer screen placed in front
of them. http://heartchamberorchestra.org/
The composition evolves in a circular motion.

i m looking forward to the discussions on this list and hope
i m able to contribute to one or another.



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