[iDC] Where have all the women gone?

Eric Goldhagen eric at openflows.org
Wed Jul 12 13:32:24 EDT 2006

>If women post/participate less often than men, why would you want to entice
>them to participate more extensively? Do you want women to behave like men?
>Do they need to? Want to?

I think you are asking the wrong questions.

I don't think that women should have to be more like men to 
participate in online communities and discussions. But I do believe 
that men (and others that tend to dominate the discussions) need to 
moderate their own behavior to make these online communities and 
lists comfortable for women and others that tend to participate 

I'd be very interested in seeing a discussion of what those different 
communication styles look like in reality and from that discuss how 
lists can create the space necessary for those other dynamics to 

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