[iDC] Where have all the women gone?

Ellis Godard ellis.godard at csun.edu
Thu Jul 13 03:08:56 EDT 2006

Eric Goldhagen responded to my questions:
> >If women post/participate less often than men, why would you want to 
> >entice them to participate more extensively? Do you want women to 
> >behave like men? Do they need to? Want to?
> I think you are asking the wrong questions.

Trebor reported a desire to entice women to post more than they do, which is
less than men do. The questions you raise (such as about how men ought to
behave) are important ones, but they are not directly responsive to Trebor's
post, only make sense subsequent to a questioning of Trebor's assumptions,
and so are not more correct than those above. The questions that I asked are
thus not "the wrong" ones, but the first ones.


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