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Brian Holmes brian.holmes at wanadoo.fr
Mon Jul 17 19:01:33 EDT 2006

Oh, Sergio, I was fantastically interested in your manifesto 
until I got to the words "5 minutes". To hell with Pessoa! 
Call for a real strike of a cosmic day when people do not 
work, do not consume, but use their life potential to 
produce the new internationalism that alone can put a brake 
on the murderous power that dominates us. Your 5 minutes 
will get us nowhere. Trust the wider world. Look to the 
impossible. Ask for the real. Your writing is fabulous. The 
world needs so much more. The global strike, the real one, 
is coming. Call for it!

Brian Holmes
who comes from California where a strike against the arms 
industry is the only gateway to the future

sergio basbaum wrote:
> Hi all,
> Quite impressed for the amount of exchange in this list, I`m presenting 
> myself before I`ll be just swalled by the informational vortex.
> I`m Sergio Basbaum, PhD in Semiothics in Brazil, and I`ve researching on 
> topics that emerge from the intersections of art, perception and 
> technology. I`m also a musician (there`s one tune to be heard on 
> www.musicossonia.com.br/mp3 <http://www.musicossonia.com.br/mp3>), and 
> my graduation studies were on Cinema, so I gravitate around all these 
> subjects.
> After fnishing my PhD last year, I`m flirting with some new ideas on the 
> net. This is a project just started:
> www.globalstrike.net <http://www.globalstrike.net>
> I`m reading you all
> best from Brazil
> Sérgio
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