[iDC] Concerning Mr Manilow and the punks in neighbourhoods

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Wed Jul 26 10:20:56 EDT 2006

Yes, they used a tone with a frequency that only young people
can hear (hearing degrades with age). The kids have turned it
into a cell phone ring tone, so they can get calls in class
without teachers hearing. There wasa a NY Times story about it
all last month.

Tom Roe

--- Nicola Mullenger <nmullenger at eurocult.org> wrote:

> Sergio was asking about councils playing music to detract
> unwanted/collections of people from hanging around neighbour
> areas. I did not hear about that occasion in Sydney but I did
> hear about a similar thing in the north of the UK, where they
> played elevator music in a shopping precinct to stop "youths"
> from hanging around in the evening.
> Nicola 
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