[iDC] "In The Field Online" Project

John Hopkins jhopkins at neoscenes.net
Fri Jul 28 10:57:25 EDT 2006

>On MO Pocket Justin Obeman writes:
>"With the unfortunate events that are occurring presently in the Middle
>East I thought it would be good time to bring to your attention a little


>extensible. As such one can basically push any piece of information -
>text, audio, graphic, picture, video from any cell phone to the web. It
>is the natural extension to citizen journalism as it creates the vehicle
>for people without internet to be able to get their voices heard on the

On one level, sounds great; on another, sounds like "Great White 
Father" (see http://itf.typepad.com/about.html) gives virtual tools 
from afar to fighting children to assuage their misery -- what is the 
use of a virtual tool when bombs are raining down in meatspace? 
I'm suspicious of the raw use of the term "voices being heard." 
After Eric Sundelof listens, what does he do then?


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