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Eric Goldhagen eric at openflows.org
Sun Jul 30 10:31:08 EDT 2006

>We've seen the result of this already when in 2004 T-Mobile blocked 
>TxtMob [1] messages during the Republication National Convention in 
>the US [2].

I just need to correct something that you seem to imply in this statement.

The fact of the issue is that T-mobile did not "block txtmob" in the 
sense that no one at t-mobile made an active decision to block 
messages from txtmob to their customers for political reasons.

Txtmob simply tripped t-mobile's (and nearly every other carrier's) 
automated spam filters. This problem was solved by re-doing the 
methodology of how txtmob sends messages in high-volume situations.

This does bring out some issues/flaws in using sms for 
communications, there is also a lag of up to 15 minutes depending on 
how overloaded txtmob and the providers are.

I think that your idea of bluetooth networking is interesting but not 
all that practical given the limitations of broadcast distance in 

There have been some interesting discussions over the past few years 
about using wifi mesh networking to break out a people's internet 
(for which the technology exists and the costs are not all that 
insane, 250 base stations could wire all of manhattan into a separate 
network, which could then be connected to similar networks in other 
cities, etc...)

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