[iDC] Contents of iDC digest and Web2.0(was Re: iDC Digest, Vol 19, Issue 6_

Jason Nolan jnolan at ryerson.ca
Sat May 27 11:07:17 EDT 2006

I'm usually just a silent reader, but Web2.0 keeps bugging me. I've  
so far completely ignored it as another top-down initiative that will  
go away. I have a tendency to have those unfortunate thoughts. Like  
on first seeing the WWW running in some emacs thing back around '92  
and thinking that it will never take the place of my present suite of  
tools. At least I'm sure that what won't go away is the continual  
wave of hegemonic attempts to corral internet use under a banner for  
someone's advantage.

In the end, I don't mind sinking back below the waves, beneath the  
radar, and working on the bits and pieces that are important. And  
since 7/8th of the internet iceberg is below the surface, it won't be  

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