[iDC] Digesting

Mark Shepard mshepard at andinc.org
Sun Oct 1 10:07:07 EDT 2006

Dear iDC list,

Thanks for yet another remarkable month of discussion(s)!  - http:// 

As some have remarked here, it can be difficult to keep up with the  
volume of posts, and the divergence/recurrence of the discussion can  
be quite frustrating. This is often the case when trying to approach  
a subject from multiple (disciplinary) viewpoints. At the same time,  
it has been important for us to let the discussion take its course to  
encourage participation from a broad range of voices.

With October upon us, and the symposium now less than 3 weeks away,  
Omar, Trebor and I will focus our efforts on *digesting* the various  
threads that have emerged over the past 3 months, in an attempt to  
help parse a somewhat unwieldy set of topics. This is less an attempt  
to draw summary conclusions, more about distilling the salient ideas,  
arguments, and positions that have bubbled up over the course of the  

Thanks again, and looking forward to seeing some of you in New York  
later this month...

Best regards,

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