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Anna Munster A.Munster at unsw.edu.au
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This is a really interesting social networking exercise and should happen
more often on lists! I think it's important to either briefly annotate the
books as Trebor did so we see why we might want to go to them or else to
list the problems we are dealing with as Brian did at the end.

btw Brian, Andrew Murphie (who lurks on this list) put me onto the Dupuy
stuff and it's really good! Andrew is doing really interesting stuff about
cognition and marketing via cybernetics and actually earlier paradigms - 
you would be interested in his stuff.

My list:

Richard Rogers "Why Map? The Techno-epistemological outlook"

Philip H. Gouchenour, ‘Distributed Communities and Nodal Subjects’, New
Media and Society, vol. 8, no. 1, 2006. pp. 33–51

Elias Canetti, Crowds and Power

Adrian MacKenzie, Transductions

Humberto Maturana and Francesco Varela, The Tree of Knowledge

Brian Holmes, ‘Crisis Cartographies: Stratified Power and the Dynamics of
the Swarm’http://ut.yt.t0.or.at/site/index.html (follow Meteors link)

James Surowiecki, The Wisdom of Crowds

Gustav le Bon, The Crowd: A Study of the Popular Mind

Jordan Crandall, 'Operational Media',CTheory,

Precarious Labour, the fibreculture journal, issue 5, 2005.

My problems/questions etc:

How can we think about crowds after 'multitude' and in their relations to
portable and networked media?

The paucity of thinking crowds in social network theory and theories of
collective intelligence.

The paucity of thinking the sociality of new, networked, wireless media
and of collective media/aesthetic/cultural practices.

The enduring problem of liberal individualism in new media,social network
and mobile/wireless theory.

The technics of mapping crowds.

Towards a social and situated 'energetics' of crowds, media, collective
aesthetics and cultural practices.

cheers Anna

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