[iDC] reading list

John Hopkins jhopkins at commspeed.net
Fri Sep 1 22:13:19 EDT 2006

list from the alter ego:

the sky in the morning (re-mix of the previous day, delivered direct 
to the eyes)

the sky in the early afternoon (especially passages on primitive 
turbulence of pre-strato-cumulescence)

the sky during later afternoon thunderstorms (the chapter on 
electromagnetic radiation in wide frequency bands is stimulating)

the sky closing in on sunset  (the chapter on red-shift)

the sky 2 hours after sunset (requires adjustments to the eyes from 
black on white to white on black)

the sky in deep night (the chapter on the Milky Way is most 
spectacular in a post-Debordian way, as is the anti-spectacle of 
getting eyes to read nebulae in any detail)

whups, just tripped over my feet, gotta read more of the ground as 
well, but that'll have to wait until tomorrow -- and remember to stay 
motionless when doing close readings...


PS -- and, inspired by the CRUMB* crew at ISEA -- Marcus Aurelius, 

* http://www.newmedia.sunderland.ac.uk/crumb/phase3/main_frame.html
** http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meditations

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