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Thanks - I suppose this conversation is really messing up the subject thread
- but - 
I had two calls today - one from CNN and another from Linda Weintraub
writing some book -(not a typical PR day at all) what is notable is that
both are writing on responsive systems and sustainability, or active
sustainable solutions, whatever you may want to call it. The point is that
mainstream public has (as we all know) become fascinated with the impact of
architecture with respect to sustainability and responsive environments
seems to be an interesting solution in this area.  Most of what I am
familiar with in practical terms of responsive environments (I prefer
interactive - but am not that's semantics) has come out of the military, the
elderly (gerontechnology) and the physically disabled.  Of course this is
who is paying for the research - and in that order.  Entertainment (artistic
explorations and of course home automation are still pioneering a lot but
are not nearly as well funded unless directly related to the above.  To get
back to the point at the start though, sustainable applications are easy if
you can learn so justify them through a long-term life cycle analysis (LCA)
Basic passive sustainable systems in architecture can be optimized and more
efficient in terms of operational costs savings over time - yet they are
always going to be more expensive up front.  The numbers do make sense if
you can demonstrate to a client that down the road they can recoup that
initial investment. And I personally feel better creating environments that
enable future generations to have a comfortable planet to live on, rather
than creating comfortable environments for existing generations to live
longer in.  (nnnnnnnn - that was pretty good)

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Hi Michael,

Welcome to the discussion. Its great to have someone practical on  
board who has vast amounts of real knowledge on responsive  
environments. Could you share some of what you've learned regarding  
how users may eventually appreciate and pay for such environments?

Best regards,

On Sep 5, 2006, at 6:56 PM, mafox wrote:

> All/
> Just an introduction: I keep thinking that I will have a little  
> time to
> write something meaningful but it will never happen.  I am now  
> about 70% in
> architectural practice and 40% in academia and miss my family and  
> sleep, yet
> I do keep filtering though these mails and it is the only list I still
> subscribe to.  I mostly cling to the mails by Omar and Usman that  
> seem to
> deal with the physical and tangible aspects of situated technologies.
> I founded the MIT Kinetic design group many moons ago that dealt
> specifically with Responsive Environments (it is now dead - and I  
> relocated
> to Los Angeles) That time was really interesting because although the
> intellectual foundations were quite old it seemed to pioneer both
> technological and economical feasibility.  I have become very  
> practical
> since then:  in that through building numerous full-scale  
> environments in
> teaching and practice seems to give vast amounts of real knowledge  
> of how
> users may eventually appreciate and pay for such environments.   
> Well, I
> actually did get out a fairly long introductory email! A few links:
> The very large-scale responsive environment that will open in two  
> weeks:
> http://ibubbles.blogspot.com/
> The MIT Kinetic Design Group _ retired because I am in LA:
> http://kdg.mit.edu/
> Robotecture: My teaching, and prototyping of responsive  
> environments at many
> universities
> http://www.robotecture.com
> My office: Focused on Interactive architecture and sustainability  
> (research
> section)
> http://www.foxlin.com/
> Hope to meet some of you in NY in October.
> /Michael
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mark shepard

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