[iDC] reading list // religious mediated spaces

Saul Ostrow sostrow at gate.cia.edu
Sat Sep 9 11:03:03 EDT 2006

You miss my point which may be thought of as straight forward Marxist view of base and
supra-structure in the sense their is no autonomy or disconnected discourses -
technologies - everything from language  through to the digital (and beyond can not) be
decontextualized (made into things in themselves circumscribed by a history of practice)
- they exist within (are embedded within) cultural networks which effectively generate
both the demand (prioritize the development) for their development and their application
(the two are not inseperable except with in bourgeois (sectarian) ideologies -- the
resultng techologies (inclusive of their theory and mechanics) in turn effect
(potentially challenge or re-enforce) those cultural values that give rise to them --
the judea- christian belief system (which is also may be viewed as a technology)  has
had in the west a significant effect on how we organize both scientific thought and the
objects upon which it chooses to focus - rationalist thought (whcih is not antthetical
to religous thought) is merely an attempt to regulate religous doctrine and practice -
My point being that each society 9from huner gathers to ourselves) produce both systems
of thought in accord with their operating systems - and while these in time my  may
over-write that program, they  do not merely delete sections of the program in the 
believe that their is no residue of it in the operable in other words we are dealing
with an integrated system, rather than a system of parallel constructs 

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