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Hi All,
Regarding design practice, of course the "program" is made of  actual 
The poor administrators, fund-raisers, politicians and business sharks who  
are devoted to developing something, the artists and designers with ideas and  
with no ideas, the stalwarts of surprising variety who are actually in a  
position to last through the years that it takes to get one  thing built, and 
rarely several...
An then, all the people who will experience the work, the "audience", the  
creators, the public, the press, the writers and their readers, the theorists,  
the maintenance institutions and workers...  Should we try to rank the  
importance of these human beings to the enterprise?
Regarding design practice, "program" is 90 percent of the substance of any  
project, in my experience.  And the program is made of the people who will  be 
creating the experience, including the instigators and the audience.
3 tests of a work of (public) art:
1)  Who gets to see it?
2)  What does it make them think about?
3)  How does it make them feel?
A possible 4th test:
4)  What does it make them do?
Best wishes,
Stephen  Korns
Artist, Consultant in Urban Design, specialist in Public  Art

New  York
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