[iDC] Cities, Speculation, and the Non-addressable

Brian Holmes brian.holmes at wanadoo.fr
Tue Sep 26 15:53:10 EDT 2006

Christiane Robbins @ Jetztzeit wrote:

>   I believe that numerous architects have adapted digital tools 
to facilitate the material construction of the built 

For an attempt to sum up blob architecture, check out the 
exhibition Non Standard Architectures at the Pompidou 
Center, December 10 2003 - March 1 2004. The architects 
presented were:

- Asymptote
- dECOI Architects
- DR_D
- Greg Lynn FORM
- Kol/Mac Studio
- Kovac Architecture
- Objectile
- Oosterhuis.nl
- R&Sie
- Servo
- UN studio

The catalogue is sold out, but you will find a "Bande 
Annonce" (a slideshow of works presented) at this incredibly 
long address which I have broken into 2 lines:


Enjoy the curves -


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