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1. when i referred to Trebor's remark about us being able to inhabit and have
influence and of  "wanting to go" i meant to go the South Korean ubicomp city
which has come up on the list - New Songo sp? (not the upcoming symposium :')   

2. Future Studios should read Future Systems - architectural firm in the UK that
explores airplane technologies, particularly the "skin",  for use in building

3. "blobchitecture" term was coined during an interview (with Geert Lovink) that
we did on an Australian Broadcasting Corporation lunch hour art program - (I
explain only because I did I have published another interview with Geert, and it
is not that to which I am referring.) I have no idea whether we actually were
the very, very first people to coin the term, but I do know that we had not
ourselves, in our research, come across it stated in so many syllables. These
semantic things don't really interest me much. I am very happy to get K.
Varnelis' view point on Archigram - they were indeed pop culturalists and of a
time - and Chris' detailed perspective on 'blob-che - tecture' 

thanks so much - very interesting. over. mh

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