[iDC] remixing menace

Andreas Schiffler aschiffler at ferzkopp.net
Wed Aug 1 15:29:49 UTC 2007

As far as I am concerned, G. Lucas is so out of it these days that all
he can get out of ME is a big "Yawn". To offer some web2.0-dressed
remixing-capabilities is not even very original ... one has to just
search for "Star Wars Parody" on YouTube (1,320 results) to see that
people have been doing it for decades (regardless of MPAA copyrights or
Lucas-owns-it-all licenses).

Much more interesting in my view are projects like the 'Iron Sky'
production in Finland by the 'Star Wrek' crew (cool show if you are into
SciFi). Their new project is a feature length film which is being
produced collaboratively
(http://forum.starwreck.com/viewtopic.php?t=3716) and become featured at
the iCommons. Their software platform is not up yet, but a forum serves
as an intermediary to discuss for example the plot
(http://forum.starwreck.com/viewtopic.php?t=2360). Another fan favorite
is the Star Trek based http://www.sinnlos-im-weltraum.de/ series (ok,ok
it is only audio and German) where the collaborative 'grease' consists
of a couple of six-pack over a long weekend. I'd prefer that any time.


Brad Seawell wrote:
> *Lucasfilm's Phantom Menace
> *By Lawrence Lessig
> Thursday, July 12, 2007; A23
> In May, Lucasfilm <??.htm> announced plans to enable fans of the "Star 
> Wars" series to "remix" "Star Wars" video clips with their own 
> creative work. 

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