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Fri Aug 24 01:09:50 UTC 2007

Hello all.

Here are 2 more curatorial lists.  Each was written for media screenings 
that occurred in the 1980s.

The point is curatorial construction of a whole greater than the parts 
(the individual media works) - and what that process produces...the 
curatorial "text".

What happens to the curatorial text when the individual works are 
forgotten, lost, or worse...enter the canon?

How could the individual works get reinterpreted through a curatorial 
process that parallels the structuring of the individual works themselves?


Curatorial List 1 -  Dan Walworth curated the following program for 
Artists Space, NYC, 1986.  You can link to a pdf file that reproduces 
the program listing at:


The Fairy Tale:  Politics, Desire and Everyday Life

- "Curlylocks and the Three Brothers", by Jacqueline Frazier (1985)

- "So Where's My Prince Already", by Ardele Lister (1973-76)

- "Lying in State", by Norman Cowie (1986)

- "Fractured Fairy Tales", by Jay Ward Productions (undated)

- "Kappa", by Bruce and Norman Yonemoto (1986)

- "Upside Down and Backwards", by Joan Jonas (1979)

- "Columbus Discovers America", by Sarah Drury (1986)


Curatorial List 2 -  Chris Hill curated the following program for 
Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo, NY, in 1987.  You can link 
to a pdf file that reproduces the program notes at:


The Medicine Show

- "Bright Eyes", by Stuart Marshall

- "There is a Myth", by Catherine Elwes

- "Marca Registrada", by Leticia Parente

-  untitled (cataract surgery), by John Park, M.D., and Bill Howard

- "Image is Virus", by Ivekovic/Martinis

- "Seizure", by Pat Hearn

- "Debate of the Dead", by Ellin Stein and Betsey Newman

- "The Micciah Channel", by Julie Winter

- "Water Journey", by Jon Child

- untitled documentation of hypnotherapy with Milton Erickson,M.D.


best regards,


Barbara Lattanzi

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