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Fri Aug 24 22:15:00 UTC 2007


I wasn't thinking of Jeff Howe or Wired when I wrote my comment, but...

Howe, Jeff wrote:
> The fact is, if you fail
> to show up for the debate, the other side wins. No one in the audience will
> know your absence signals your belief that your opponent is beneath
> contempt. We don¹t get to pick our ideological opponents.
I wrote this and posted it widely, calling Wired a sell-out and 
corporate shill.

The writers at Wired never responded, of course.

Now either I won that argument, and Wired was a sell-out and corporate 
shill, and I am therefore not unjustified in making such remarks today, or

You /can/ pick your ideological opponents, in which case, I am not 
unjustified in wondering why Jeff Howe and others would promote someone 
peddling such "snake oil" to prominence.

-- Stephen


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