[iDC] iDC Digest, Vol 34, Issue 30

Pamela Jennings pamelaj at andrew.cmu.edu
Sat Aug 25 18:28:31 UTC 2007


Thanks for your insightful post.  I do think that regardless how an artist
receives support for their work, they are being patronized - whether it is
an institution, a curator, foundation or federal agency.  The question is
what is the breadth of the vision of that patron
institution.  I agree that current trends have leaned toward as you state
"a feeding frenzy centered on super-stars, and that many (not all) prefer
artists with work that is easy to explain, favoring one-trick work over
multi-faceted complexity."  This work is entertaining in its aesthetics of
the screen, but often lays tethered like a buoy in the waves of
mediocrity. I long to see the development of a practice that is just as
celebrated by our institutions that celebrates the phenomenon of the
technical tool with the vision of a purpose.



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