[iDC] new on

Armin Medosch armin at easynet.co.uk
Thu Feb 1 07:22:35 EST 2007

dear all, i am following with much interest the various debates on this
list, hottly tempted to join, but then someone always is quicker adn
says something reasonably close to my opinion, absolving me from having
to say anything. instead i would like to point you at 


where I have recently stocked some new texts. some have been out in
printed publications but didnt exist in html, such as Wireless Utopia
and Roots Culture. 

Completely new is the epic The Story Ambient TV Dot Net, sneak preview
on a piece in the forthcoming publication by and about Ambient
Information Systems (some time in 2007). I am testing here some
unapologetically subjectivist ideas and I am looking forward to
constructive Criticism, but be merciful as this is really quite an
unfinished one 




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