[iDC] Thanks to Tiffany Holmes; introducing Ulises Ali Mejias

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Thu Feb 1 07:57:36 EST 2007

Dear all,

Thanks to Tiffany Holmes (moderator) and Adrianne Wortzel, Alex Killough, Beryl
Graham, Brian Holmes, Danny Butt, Dara Greenwald, Geoffrey Thomas, Joel
Slayton, Kanarinka, Kevin Hamilton, Luis Camnitzer <no subject>, Patrick
Lichty, Paul D. Miller, Rachel Beth Egenhoefer, Richard Lowenberg, Ryan
Griffis, Sarah Kanouse, Saul Ostrow, and Tobias c. van Veen for the "sharing
'new media' curricula/potentials" thread.

It's February 1 and next, Ulises Ali Mejias will focus on social media and
education. Ulises, it's all yours... .


Ulises Ali Mejias is an educator and technocultural theorist whose research
interests include networked sociality, the philosophy of technology, and
learning design. He is a
doctoral candidate at Columbia University, where he has taught a graduate
seminar on the affordances of social media. His dissertation, "Networked
Proximity: ICT's and the
Mediation of Nearness" explores the redefinition of social relevancy by digital
media and considers the limits of the network as a metaphor and model for
organizing social
realities. Previously, he was Director of Learning Systems Design at eCornell, a
subsidiary of Cornell University. Ulises has published in various journals
including First Monday,
Innovate, Knowledge Tree, and Critical Issues in Media Communications, and has
been nominated two years consecutively for an EduBlog award. He blogs at

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