[iDC] How does social media educate?

A. G-C guibertc at criticalsecret.com
Fri Feb 9 16:16:31 EST 2007

Dear Friends, just a parenthesis but not out of subject:

if you appreciate A hacker manifesto and the author and activist McKenzie
Wark who will have his new book next out--"Gamer theory" but the excellent
ergonomic site is still opened ( http://www.futureofthebook.org/gamertheory/
) because the critical writing begun by a text for call students to discuss
with their professor online following a suggestion created from his pen and
what can be in the heart of the present subject--, may be you will be happy
to hear the good bilingual but positive mess that we had in Paris about the
FR version publication of Un manifeste Hacker (A hacker manifesto) that
stays an eternal Homeric book of the fractal times.

You'll get it opening the home page:


At the moment the podcast will be ready, (4 modules at all) I shall inform
the list.

Have a good time, and long life to the hacker class:)


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